Day-Tour 2020

Saturday August 22, 2020 :::: 8 Shows, 1 Day, 21 Years

Theme: Distance.

Joe+N will perform the twenty-first annual day-tour in and around Rochester NY. The day will consist of 8 shows, each consisting of a 20-30 minute set with a rotating cast of players.

Due to COVID-19 guidelines, I'm limiting each show to a duo, and I'm asking all players and spectators to wear a face mask AND practice physical distancing (> 6ft). I'm planning to live stream the entire day on Facebook LIVE, so if you have any concerns and/or belong to an at-risk population, please be safe, stay home, and enjoy the live stream. I'll be live streaming via the Facebook Event for the Day-Tour.

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  • 10AM - Lock 32
    Joe + Brian Shafer

    On RT65/Clover Rd. enter the park area and proceed to the back of the parking lot area. NOTE the new entrance (just north of the old canal entrance).

    Brian is 1/3 of the long running, VU-esque trio, Nod, and also the drummer behind the soul/party group The Fox Sisters. Drummer extraordinaire.

  • 11AM - Linear Park
    Joe + Nuuj

    Linear Park Drive off of 441 Westbound - Penfield, NY. park at the top parking area. we'll meet there and proceed up the creek and most likely play on one of the boulders in the water.

    Nuuj is 1/4 of the psych-aktion unit Pengo, modular-synth master, blower of homemade lung-induced madness, and general sonic disrupter.

  • 12PM - Durand Eastman Park (beach)
    Joe + Joe Sorriero

    590 N to Durand Blvd round-about and go West on Durand Blvd. Continue on Durand Blvd / Sweet Fern Rd to Lake Shore Blvd (all the same road). Look for first parking lot on the right (Lake Ontario side).

    Joe is 1/3 of the long running, VU-esque trio, Nod, and a solo force unto himself.

  • 1PM - Cobb's Hill Reservoir
    Joe + SmaxKult

    Across from the top reservoir, in the pines.

    SmaxKult constructs ever-hypnotizing loops using various brass instruments and pedals. An Ithaca transplant, landing right here in Rochester.

  • 2PM - Visual Studio Workshop
    Joe + Will Veeder

    On the front lawn (31 Prince St).

    Will Veeder is/was in Muler, the leader of Hinkley, and is now traveling solo on his psych-guitar journey.

  • 3PM - Liquor Store
    Joe + Chris Reeg

    Sorry, but you have to figure out where this location is. Ask a freak. Once you figure it out, its in the back parking lot.

    Chris is 1/3 of Ian Downey is Famous, 1/3 of Crush the Junta, 1/2 of some new project, and 100% of the Liquor Store.

  • 4PM - Court St. Bridge
    Joe + Marc Faris

    West side of river, south side of street.

    Marc is 1/2 of the long-running (and on perpetual hiatus) experimental duo SQ. A highly trained and accomplished musician and educator, and after years of living down south (NC), he is now in the relatively close (Ithaca) orbit of the Rochester scene, so we're hoping to see him play much more in the coming years.

  • 5PM - Parcel 5
    Joe + John Schoen

    On East Main St, near Liberty Pole. Park on Andrew Langston Way, Cortland St., Elm St., or Atlas St.

    John is the man behind Licker, 1/4 of the psych-aktion unit Pengo, and all-around repository of all things weirdo.



joe+n plays guitar improvisations, sometimes incorporating found-sound, tape manipulations, various feedback sources and more. taking everyday background sounds and re-presenting them as pure sound, etc. joe+n has also played numerous day-tours, a concept he came up with, for playing multiple shows around the Rochester NY area all in 1 day, every hour on the hour.

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