Day-Tour 2023

Saturday August 19, 2023 :::: 8 Shows, 1 Day, 24 Years

Theme: Horizon.

Joe+N will perform the twenty-fourth annual day-tour in and around Rochester NY. The day will consist of 8 shows, each consisting of a 20-30 minute set with a rotating cast of players.

I'm planning to live stream via the Facebook Event for the Day-Tour 2023.

List of locations and players is can change last minute (but usually don't). Please check back regularly.

JOE+N MERCH (shirts, LPs, CDs) will be available, and I hope to make some prints as well.

I'll have other brand new Carbon shirts and merchandise, so bring your cash or phones (I can take Paypal and Venmo payments)!

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  • 10AM - Lock 32
    Joe + Ed Downey + Nuuj
  • 11AM - Linear Park
    Joe + SmaxKult + Erik Burke
  • 12PM - Cobb's Hill Reservoir
    Joe + Dr. Hamburger + Elizabeth Carter + Joel Dow
  • 1PM - NeedleDrop Records
    Joe + Mike Rheinheimer + Will Veeder
  • 2PM - Visual Studies Workshop
    Joe + Chad Oliveiri + G&T Nelson/Shades of Fawn
  • 3PM - East End Green
    Joe + Andrew Scott + Dennis Mariano
  • 4PM - Court St. Bridge
    Joe + Brian Blatt + Ian Downey + Joe Sorriero
  • 5PM - The Liquor Store (DO NOT PARK IN THE LOT!)
    Joe + Chris Reeg + Marc Faris



joe+n plays guitar improvisations, sometimes incorporating found-sound, tape manipulations, various feedback sources and more. taking everyday background sounds and re-presenting them as pure sound, etc. joe+n has also played numerous day-tours, a concept he came up with, for playing multiple shows around the Rochester NY area all in 1 day, every hour on the hour.

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